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Lead Bis

Molecular Formula : Pb(BF4)2
Molecular Weight : 380.80
CAS NO:13814-96-5
Product Standard : Q/HD06-2000

Item Spec.
Lead Bis(tetrafluoroborate)(as Pb), %≥ 28
Free fluoboric acid(HBF4),%≤ 2
Freee boric acid(H3BO3),% 0.6-3
Iron(Fe),%≤ 0.1
Silicon dioxide(SiO2),% ≤ 1.0

Properties: Colorless transparent liquid, odorless. relative density 1.7-1.74. 
Use: In electroplate liquid for lead and its alloy. 
Packing: In PE drum. Net wt. 6kg,25kg,30kg,250kg. 
Storage & Safety: Stored in cool, draughty warehouse.


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