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Fluoroboric Acid

Molecular Formula : HBF4
Molecular Weight : 87.83
CAS NO : 16872-11-0
Product Standard : Q/HD04-2000

Item Spec.
Fluoroboric Acid(HBF4),% ≥ 49.5
Freee boric acid , % ≤ 2.5
Iron(Fe), % ≤ 0.01
Chlorides, , % ≤ 0.005
Sulphate , % ≤ 0.03

Properties: Colorless transparent liquid. relative density is about 1.37. Soluble in water and alcohols. Will be decomposed at 130. Can react with metals, metal fluorides, oxides, hydroxide or carbonate to generate fluorborates. It is toxic. 
Use: As main composition of the fluoroboric acid system electroplate liquid. As catalyst in alkylation and polymerization; as raw material in the preparation of various fluorborates. Its 2.5% solution is used for electrolytic polishing of pure aluminum.
Packing: In PE drum. Net wt. 6kg,25kg,30kg,250kg. 
Storage & Safety: It belongs to second grade inorganic acid corrosives. IMDG CODE: 93010. Handle with care; if contact the human body, rinse with plenty of water.


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